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You're the student-athlete - you've done the work - let us help you make the most of your sporting achievements. Whatever the sport or activity, football, gymnastics, basketball, cheer, soccer, music, dance, baseball, volleyball, track, lacrosse, a sports highlight video, sports recruiting video or highlight reel can showcase your talents.

A professional sports highlight video of your athletic talents (or dance or musical performances) can be the capstone of a successful high school career. A sports or performance recruiting video can be the launching pad for college sports recruiters or college transfers. Our stunning and affordable sports (or music/dance) highlight videos are appropriate for coach review for college applications, scholarships, college transfers; as a graduation present; or as an historical keepsake.

Using available footage or shooting new material, we carefully blend your best sporting performances with personal information, stats sheets, photographs, game information and even interviews to create a stunning DVD sports highlight reel compilation.

Features include: tracking "spotlight" effect to highlight the athlete, TV-quality game captions, player stats, cool transitions and background music. We also post sports highlight video to the web.  Each sports highlight reel or sports recruiting video comes with an eye-popping custom designed DVD box and disk label that will command attention and help ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Each project is also posted to the web. You receive a link to the game film which can be forwarded to coaches, friends and family. We do not charge additional fees for web hosting. Give yourself the edge and celebrate excellence - call us about a sports recruiting video today.