You’re wedding is one of the most important days of your life—choosing to hire a professional videographer to record your ceremony and festivities ensures that this momentous occasion will never be forgotten.  A professional video camera—in the hands of an experienced operator—will capture your wedding day in fabulous detail highlighting every sight and sound.

From the time you first see each other to the moment you say “I do”—these brief moments will be saved for you and your loved ones to remember for generations.  For many people wedding films are keepsakes.  This film can serve as a family heirloom for generations.  When images are put in motion the personality and emotion behind them is revealed.  With professionally-recorded sound you can permanently record all of the conversations of your friends and family—they can also wish you well on camera which will become a classic memory from your wedding.  Overall, the entire film preserves the occasion and will serve as a record of your friends and family as they were at that time.

People have said they cried watching our video clips of other’s weddings even though they did not know the couple.  Our videographers shoot with a keen eye and find the special moments important to your wedding day.  We will provide you with a wedding documentation of which you will be proud. We record your day unobtrusively while capturing special moments of love and sentiment that come with years of experience—never impeding on the natural procession of the event.

All Wedding “Videography” & "Cinematography" packages are expertly recorded and edited by the production crew at Godoy Studios.  In the film industry the quality of equipment is directly related to the quality of the final product—Godoy Studios is very particular about using the best equipment and latest technology in both the filming and editing process. Using the best equipment and technology is particularly necessary true regarding HD recording—although some videographers offer HD, it is usually a consumer tape-based format called HDV. However, Godoy Studios records in true HD, for an overall higher quality image and a look on-par with film.  This enables variable frame-rates and stunning true slow-motion.  Our HD wedding cinematography packages are recorded using the amazing Canon 5D Mark III or Cannon 7D which we are able to add film lenses to for spectacular cinematography.

Professionally Trained Camera Crew

3 Chip Digital Cameras with High Resolution

HD Cameras with Motion Picture Film Look Technology

Pro Audio and Camera Gear

Professionally Edited and Mastered to DVD

We take pride in Quality, Creativity and Professionalism.  Brides often choose us because they understand the importance of their wedding day.   Our clients want to honor their wedding day by choosing someone that is more than qualified to capture it in a manner that goes beyond simply showing how everything occurred but also strives to express how everything made them feel.

Our videographers are trained professionals. They have degrees in film making and editing and have spent many years honing their craft on not only weddings videos but commercials, music videos and other projects. The level of expertise needed for these productions requires an understanding of the subtle intricacies of light and shadow in addition to the knowledge of how to move the camera to accent the emotions of the events unfolding in front of the camera.

We will take all of this knowledge and apply it to your wedding.  In the end you will have a wedding video that feels more like you’re watching a motion picture rather than a home video.  The best part is it will be the story of your love that you will be watching.  Don't take our word for it. Please review our sample videos.  Our work speaks for itself.  We are confident that after you see what we can do for your wedding you will understand the value of quality and will put Godoy Studios to work for you. We serve Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties, but are available for travel outside those areas.