This wedding video was shot on Butterfly Beach, located across the street from The Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito is a locals favorite. There are no beach amenities here (no kayak rentals, volleyball courts, restroom facilities, or restaurants) so it tends to be less attractive to the activity minded visitor. It does however draw a strong local crowd, so weekend weddings are best in either the mid morning or very late afternoon to allow for a more intimate environment.

Montecito's Butterfly Beach is one of the few west facing beaches along the Santa Barbara coastline which makes for spectacular sunset views over the water. It's also the place to be for dolphin watching, which often can be seen playing in the surf in the early to late afternoon.

Because it is not a very wide beach, please check with our coordinator to determine the tides for your wedding day before deciding on a specific time of day for your ceremony. Receptions are discouraged here, mostly because of the coming and going of the tides, but for a romantic wedding ceremony Butterfly Beach is ideal and one of my top picks. This is the perfect wedding location with stunning locations for videography, cinematography, and photography.

Butterfly Beach, Montecito